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Sanctuary Project Picks

One of my favorite jewelers is The Sanctuary Project. The Sanctuary Project provides employment and work training to women who have survived human trafficking, domestic violence, and addiction. 100% of sales goes to helping these women.

I bought a chain necklace a couple months ago. The packaging was cute and simple. Not too flashy or showy. and definitely NOT plain.

Yet what I loved the most about the packaging was the note inside. There was a note written by the woman who had packaged and sent it. She had survived domestic violence. She briefly explained how the Sanctuary Project had saved her from looped homelessness and desperation.

With that being said, here are some of my top picks from The Sanctuary Project. Make sure to use the discount code ABIGAILK15 for 15% off your online purchase!

Happy shopping! Don't forget to pin this and share!

All the Peace,


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