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Welcome to the Purely Pastiche Philosophy.

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Hey gals!

My name is Abigail. I'm an English major, Christ-lover, iced coffee-enthusiast, city girl, bookworm, fashion police, shoe-dog, and finally, blogger. I picked up on blogging when I was 9 years old. After finishing my first week of second grade, my mom created a site for me on Blogspot (now It wasn't long before I fell in love with the sound of the computer keys creating the words I wanted to say. I've been a writer ever since I learned how to spell my name. 

This blog started with a mission centered around the ups and downs of being a teenage girl in the U.S.


Now, it is so much more. Since launching my blog, I've had the opportunity to become an influencer for:

Purely Pastiche is about overcoming anxiety and reclaiming yourself. I have incorporated my own history with anxiety into many of my posts, hoping that you can learn from my experiences and feel assured that you are not alone.


My struggles do not stop with anxiety. I also suffer from an autoimmune disorder, which I'm still learning to accommodate as we speak. It was not a diagnosis I had planned, and my life continues to evolve and twist as a result of this disease. In my lifestyle posts, I will also be focusing on what it is to be a girl in college with an autoimmune disorder.

Since this is a lifestyle blog, I will also be posting how I live the "Purely Pastiche Lifestyle" through my experiences, collaborations, reviews, spiritual life, home decor, and college life.


It is my goal to include ways of living to improve peace of mind, and reduce anxiety. This lifestyle blog helps me, and my goal is that it will help you too.

All the peace,





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