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Top 10 Picks from PuraVida Bracelets

Pura Vida.

You’re studying outside and a girl rolls past you on her longboard. Brown, wavy hair, orange shorts, a hawaiian bikini top, a seashell choker, and at least a hundred handmade bracelets dangle from her ankles and tan-lined wrists.

PuraVida Bracelet discount

These bracelets aren’t just a trend, they’re a lifestyle.

Whether the VSCO islander girl is you or your style, these 10 products from PuraVida are a must have:

1. The Warm Breeze Choker

Honestly, I find this one better that the over-hyped tik-tok shell necklaces. Make sure to use the code ABIGAILKRUMMEN20 at checkout to get 20% off your order!

2. Silver Swells Pack

This bracelet pack is an absolute MUST, whether you are a Boho girl or not. It’s classy and dainty. Perfect for the girl who doesn’t want extreme colors. (remember: use code ABIGAILKRUMMEN20 for 20% off!)

3. Havana Pendant Necklace

I love the Havana Pendant Necklace because not only is it timeless, but it’s ageless too! A person of any age can wear this necklace and pose with it. It’s a gorgeous, timeless accessory.

4. Sunburst Ring

One of my close friends wears a ring like this and I HAD to get one of my own. It comes in sterling silver or rose gold. Use the discount code!

5. Sunshine Ring

This ring is gorgeous. I don’t even have to say it. Use the code ABIGAILKRUMMEN20 to get it 20% off at checkout!

6. The Luma Set by Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn’s set is everything you need if you’re looking to buy your jewelry in bulk. It comes with a pack of bracelets and a beautiful sunset ring! (use the code ABIGAILKRUMMEN20 at checkout for 20% off).

7. Daisy Pickin’ Ring Stack

Discount on these stunning things?! Say less. Apply the code ABIGAILKRUMMEN20 at checkout.

8. Wave Locket Charm Bracelet

A bracelet with a locket. I’ve been waiting for one of these for FOREVER! I have a lot of locket necklaces, but a locket bracelet completes it all. Use the code ABIGAILKRUMMEN20 for 20% Off!

9. Anxiety Disorder Awareness Pack

seems appropriate for this blog, right?! After all, Purely Pastiche is a self-help blog for people wanting to improve their mental health. I talk a lot about how to overcome anxiety, so I’m going to encourage you to support the nonprofit that is supporting you. This bracelet is dedicated to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Get it for 20% off with code ABIGAILKRUMMEN20.

10. Surf Love Charm Bracelet

This is an adorable piece for everyday wear. It’s also timeless and ageless. Get it 20% off with code ABIGAILKRUMMEN20.

happy shopping!

all the peace,


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