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A Guide to Summer Shoes, Kicks, and Feminine Footwear

Finally. Summer is here. Put those winter boots in storage. Time to kick back and relax.

Here is a guide to this summer's shoes, kicks, and feminine footwear.

Summer Essentials - Shoes

Shoes are essential. A good pair of kicks protects a fresh manicure from getting chipped.

white sneakers

This just in: The Adidas Women's Swift Run Shoes. Adidas recent sneaker is a versatile and stylish choice for women who want both comfort and fashion in their footwear. These shoes are designed with a minimalist yet modern look, featuring a streamlined silhouette and a breathable mesh upper that hugs the foot for a snug fit. The shoe's foam midsole provides excellent cushioning. A white shoe is suitable for both casual wear and light exercise. The rubber outsole offers superb traction, ensuring that you stay steady on your feet even on slippery surfaces.

Notable Features

One of the most notable features of the Adidas Women's Swift Run Shoes is their wide range of colors. Whether you prefer understated neutrals or bold, eye-catching hues, there is a pair of Swift Runs to suit your tastes. Adidas Swift Runs are also incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for travel or everyday wear. Overall, the Adidas Women's Swift Run Shoes are a great choice for women who want comfortable, stylish footwear.

white platform sneakers

The K-Swiss Women's Classic Platform Sneaker is another fantastic option for your shoe rack. It is a stylish and comfortable shoe that combines retro design with modern features. Featuring a platform sole for added height and a premium leather upper, this sneaker is perfect. Lace it up for both casual wear and athletic activities. With its timeless style and durable construction, the K-Swiss Women's Classic Platform Sneaker is a must-have for any shoe collection.


Sandals are a summer staple. You don't have a complete summer wardrobe without sandals.

nude platform heels

Sandals are a summer staple. You don't have a complete summer wardrobe without sandals.

Are you tired of sacrificing comfort for style when it comes to footwear? Look no further than CUSHIONAIRE's Women's Pim Knit Platform Sandal. These sandals are the perfect combination of fashion and function, with a stylish knit upper and a memory foam footbed that provides all-day comfort.

Platform design to increase style

The platform design of these sandals adds a trendy touch to your look, while the memory foam footbed molds to your feet to provide customized support. The knit upper is not only fashionable, but also breathable, making these sandals perfect for warm weather.


Not only are these sandals comfortable and stylish, but they are also durable. The outsole is made of a high-quality rubber material that provides excellent traction, ensuring that you can wear these sandals on any surface without slipping.

Available in a variety of colors, the CUSHIONAIRE Women's Pim Knit Platform Sandal is a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Dress them up for a night out or wear them casually for a day of running errands. No matter how you wear them, these sandals are sure to become a go-to in your shoe collection.

pink slide sandals

Are you looking for stylish and comfortable sandals? If so, Marc Jacobs "the Slide" sandals are a great option. These sandals are perfect for the summer season and are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity.


One of the best things about this sandal is the design. They feature a simple and minimalistic design that can complement any outfit.

Comfort for summer

Comfortable footwear is a must. Especially in summer. These sandals are made with a cushioned footbed that offers a comfortable and supportive feel. Whether you're walking around the city or spending a day at the beach, these sandals will keep your feet cool and comfortable.


Another great feature of the Marc Jacobs the Slide sandals is the durability. The sandals are made from high-quality materials that are built to last. The soles are made from a sturdy rubber that offers excellent grip and traction, which ensures that you won't slip or slide when walking. For all these reasons and more, The Slide is sure to become a staple in your summer wardrobe.

orange slide sandals

Tory Burch Women's Bubble Jelly Slides are a must-have for any fashion-forward woman. These slides are made of high-quality jelly material that is both durable and comfortable.

Bubble design

One of the standout features of these slides is the unique bubble design that adds a playful touch to any outfit. The Tory Burch logo is also prominently displayed on the front of the slide, adding a touch of luxury to this already stylish footwear.


In terms of sizing, these slides run true to size. This means that you can order your usual shoe size with confidence. More importantly, the Tory Burch Bubble Jelly Slides are easy to slip on and off. Absolutely perfect for those busy days when you need to run out the door quickly!

red strap sandals

My second pick from Tory: Kira Sport Sandals. Summer style can be year-round with a pair of these shoes. You will not have to worry about tripping or slipping (thanks to the Velcro straps and buckles).

Kira Sport Sandals are fitting for any occasion. Wear them on date night for a casual-yet-fashionable appearance. Or, wear them to walk your dog at 7 p.m. The choice is yours.


Birkenstocks are a classic. You simply cannot survive the summer without a rugged pair of Birks. Just make sure to keep them away from your dogs. The cork footbed has been mistaken for a chew toy by my own floofer...

Now, you are ready to kick off summer. Don't forget to take a look at my lookbook below!

All the Peace,


Summer Shoes Lookbook:

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