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How To #ShopTheLook

Shopping Your Fav Influencers

Pinterest feed. Google indexes. Google Images. Fashion blogs. Ah, the good old days of online shopping.

Luckily for us, there's an easier way to do it now. Here's a few apps, platforms, and websites YOU'VE GOT TO DOWNLOAD if you love the outfit so much that you want to buy it on sight.

This is one of my favorite ways to directly shop an outfit I love. If you're someone who's worried about being #ontrend and fashionable, this is your app. only allows verified Influencers (by RewardStyle) to create the content you will find on the app. This means that only the most trendy, fashionable, artistic, unique curators of design are posting the outfits you're looking at.

Amazon StyleSnap

This is better than the Pinterest camera feature. More helpful than the Google lens feature. And, without a doubt, it will give the LTKit advertising & marketing team a nervous breakdown.

StyleSnap is a combination of LTKit, Google Lens, and Pinterest camera search all in one. You can either shop the looks of your favorite influencers, or upload a photo to search the entire Amazon website for the items. It's the best thing since Pinterest launched in 2010.

Wish I could show you more, but it's something you've got to try for yourself.

Happy shopping, my connoisseurs of personal style <3

All the Peace,


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