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Dog Mom Necessities: A Guide to Dog Toys

Calling all dog moms! This is for you. No matter what age your dog is, these Amazon picks will make your pup jump with joy.

Dog Toys

Dog toys and brushes

My dog trainer told me that you should always have 3 kinds of toys for puppies. The first toy should be shreddable. Ropes, stuffies, and fabric toys fit this category. The second type should be chewable. Almost all dog toys are designed to be gnawed at, but bones or faux bones are ideal. Third are the mental/cognitive toys. 

These toys are a great method for canine enrichment. Some breeds need more mental stimulation than others. 

Dog Moms! Know Your Dog.

It’s important to know your dog and what makes them happy. Do puzzle toys cause your dog frustration or stimulation? Is your dog an aggressive chewer? Are they protective over their toys? I recommend asking yourself these questions as you skim through this post.

Dog Toys for Shredding

Lamb dog toy

Lamb plushie dog toy
Duck plush dog toy

Toys for Chewing

Canine Enrichment, Treat Dispensers, and Puzzles

Yellow, blue and red colored dog puzzle toy

Blue dog lick mat and green dog lick mat with spatulas

Puppy Essentials

Don't forget to check out this list of puppy essentials. It has all of the dog toys featured in this post (and more!).

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