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Apartment Decor You Need to Buy on Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon Prime Day. It is finally here! Mark your calendar for July 11-12th to purchase apartment decor. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, now is the time to sign up. The first 30 days are free. Click here to get a free trial - plus all of the benefits of Amazon.

Amazon Prime for Students

Are you a student? Lucky you! The first 6 months of an Amazon Prime Student membership are free of cost. Click here to get free two-day shipping, online tutor discounts, special promotions, and all the things you need for your dorm.

Now that you have a prime membership, let’s decorate!

Amazon Prime Day Apartment Decor: Glam

City girls make em’ fish for clickbait. Lemme feed it to em!

Amazon Prime Day leads with this elegant floor lamp. Yomony’s floor lamp is a stunning gold color. It is free-standing, which makes it perfect for any room in the apartment! Place it in your living room for some extra lighting, or your bedroom. My favorite thing about this floor lamp is that it adapts to different styles. My apartment is a boho, coastal theme. This golden floor lamp was the perfect addition. It goes well with a modern, glam design. Designs such as farmhouse chic, vintage, victorian, or rustic compliment this lamp nicely as well.

Perhaps gold isn’t your color. Silver and crystals may add sophistication and finesse to your home. In this case, add this crystal floor lamp to your Amazon Prime Day wishlist. The crystals come in 3 different colors with a silver base. Pick the lampshade with transparent crystals to highlight minimalism. Or choose lavender crystals for a soft statement. The pink crystal lampshade goes well with a modern, glam theme. Especially if you have a pink throw blanket to match! Don’t forget this floor lamp also comes in gold.

Blackout your glam apartment with these silver curtains. The velvet material is a nice texture for plain-white walls.

Did I mention they are insulated?

Buy these mosaic curtain rods to go with those velvety curtains. They are made of wrought iron and only weigh 1 pound!

Gold tray? Yes please! This gold tray from Amazon works perfectly as a serving tray, trinket holder, or centerpiece. Its versatility ensures that you will get more than one use out of it.

Bedroom or living room? Acrylic side tables can go anywhere in your home. A glam apartment is made into a home with these accents. Buy them on Prime Day!

A glam apartment needs a glam dining table. Complimentary to the acrylic side tables, the dining table is made of tempered glass. White, faux leather seats are the minimalist touch that every apartment needs.

A glass coffee table for a glass dining table. Consistency is key. A minimalist truth nonetheless. It is easy to clean too!

Barrel chairs are all the rage. Add this modern swivel barrel chair to your Amazon Prime Day wishlist. Choose your seat from a variety of velvety colors. My suggestion? Pink.

Cozy up and watch your favorite show on this gray couch. The polyester upholstery is durable and charming. Protect your furniture with a couple sprays of Scotchguard. Purchase both on July 11-12th on Amazon!

Like these items? Check daily for more! Happy Prime Day shopping!

All the Peace,


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