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My Fall 2020 Dorm Shopping Cart

To say decorating my dorm is my favorite part about college would be an understatement.

I spent my entire senior year of high school bookmarking pages, screenshotting items, and compiling the ultimate Glam Dorm. This was even before I knew my roommate. The decorating was something I didn't want to back down on. Luckily my freshman year roommate was all for handing that responsibility over to me.

I transferred for the second semester, and even then I was researching the room dimensions, asking my new roommate for pictures, and surfing the school's webpage trying to envision this new space.

And now it is 2 weeks away from move-in day, colleges have (or had) a serious decision to make, a world pandemic is still in the works, the election is a few months away, school districts are striking, and people are getting tired of wearing masks.

Going to school is scary, but the decorating part outweighs my nerves. Last year I did a pink-and-gold glam theme, and this year I'm going for something different. I call it the "Vogue Editor's Dorm."

The color scheme is gray, white, and black. I'm aiming to have a lot of photos and prints to hang up, so we'll see how that goes.

Click on the photo of the item you'd like to shop and it will take you directly to the retailer's site!

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