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One Year of Blogging

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

“When did you start blogging?” someone asked me at my friend’s grad party. I had to think. I’d always owned this blog, but I never really started writing until a little over a year ago. One year ago, I was a high school graduate and forthcoming English major. I was working the summer job I’d had for the past two years, attending constant grad parties, shopping for college, and making new friends. I had reached Influencer status on Poshmark and was reaching nearly 8000 followers. And finally, I started a blog.

All of that sounds great. I mean, it is great. Isn’t it?

I recently posted on my private story to all my close friends “if anyone wants to switch lives, I will gladly oblige.”

I was really stressed and depressed that day. One of my friends swiped up and said, “Must be hard being AK.” I typed back, “you have no idea.” (With a ton of negative emojis).

“I’d love to switch. I’d love to run my own blog, read books all day, get sent free products, and send aggressive emails to the admins office about re-opening.”

I was about to respond with laughing emojis, until they sent this:

“You impact people. I wish I could do that.”

I didn’t know how to respond. My first instinct was to laugh. After all, who was I impacting? My mom and a few of her friends who subscribed to my dumb blog about how I live with an autoimmune disorder, depression, and anxiety?

But what really got me blogging, was, of course, the end of my high school romance.

We broke up twice. Once during the summer- that was him. Then a second time when college started. And that was me.

If you were to ask me months ago if I would go back in time to prevent my younger self from ending a relationship, I would say yes. In a heartbeat, I would go back. Back to what I knew. Back to WHO I knew. Back to the routine. Back to the boy who provided me that routine. But now, I say no. Without that loss, there would never have been room for me to grow. And there probably still would not be.

2020 has not been a great year. We all know that. But actually, it has been a great year.

Two years ago, I became a verified Poshmark Influencer. I made over $600 on clothes sitting in my closet that I’d never worn.

one year and a half ago, I was denied from my dream school. Twice.

one year ago, I started a blog.

11 months ago, I was denied again.

8 months ago, I got in. And I transferred to my dream school. I fulfilled my dream.

7 months ago, I was offered my first influencer position.

4 months ago, I was offered my second influencer position.

1 month ago, I was offered a Market Partner Influencer position for a luxury hair and skincare company- Monat. God provided me a way. After all, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And I’m completely made of willpower. My faith and my willpower are what motivate me. They motivated me to apply 3 times to my dream school only to receive rejection each time. They motivated me to create this blog. They motivate me to grow, and to help others.

All the peace,


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