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Rejection Issue 9 Vol. 21

Updated: May 23, 2022

"Among Us"

Brush the hair out of your faces, blink out any dust, and get ready to play readers.

This round of "Among Us" is going to go a little differently. We're going to assign the players and dive into each one to discover who the impostor is. The impostor kills in this game (just like the original version). Their lethal weapon of choice? Rejection.

Assigning The Players

Pick a social group in your life. Any group. A friend group, work group, family, school group, anything. Assign each person in that group as a player- including yourself.

It's really hard to spot the impostor. Luckily, this game is a little easier because the impostor is not randomly assigned. The impostor is the impostor of your group in real life. The imposer of rejection. When we look at it this way, you might already have an idea of who the impostor is. Some of you might have it narrowed down to a few people. Some of you might feel so lost that you have no idea. A few basic questions are going to help us narrow down who your impostor is.

Time to call an...

Discovering the Impostor

The Impostor dulls out rejection. The impostor will make you feel:

  • Like you have to prove yourself either to them or yourself (or worse, both).

  • Like it's never enough.

  • As if there's no point in trying, because you'll either be rejected or left feeling worse than you already do.

  • Like you aren't good at anything.

  • Like you're going to cry at any moment.

  • Like they are out to get you.

  • Like nobody likes you and therefore, your presence is a burden.

If that narrowed down the list and took out a few players, great job! Now here's the questions you have to answer in order to expose the impostor:

  1. When I am around __, do I feel energetic?

  2. When I am around __, am I more tired than I am enthusiastic?

  3. When I am around __, do they dismiss me verbally and/or physically?

  4. When I am around __ in the group, do they interact with the other group members in the same way they interact with me? If not, is the difference negative or positive? If yes, is it negative or positive?

  5. Does __ really know me? Or do they just care to know my name, my age, and where I'm from?

  6. Am I comfortable sharing my ambitious hopes and dreams with __? Or do I withhold this part of me for fear of rejection, mockery, or repudiation?

  7. When I am with __, am I myself? Am I able to be myself and be that well? Or do I act up to play the role of someone I'm not?

If the majority, or any, of your answers were yes, I'd think it's fair to say we have found your impostor.

Now that you know who the impostor is, you can truly have peace. I know it sounds ridiculous, but when you truly know who the impostor is you are less likely to believe their lies and take their rejection. Rejection can only poison you from the inside out if you consume it when it's served. Hopefully this helped you to avoid the dish the impostor in your life is serving.

All the Peace,


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