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The Vegan Hair Routine for Greasy Girls

"Wash it every other day. If you wash it every day, you're uncultured." the random tiktoker on my phone screen said. I groaned. To me, he was the uncultured one.

Let it be known that I have tried EVERY DRUGSTORE hair product you can think of. Ever since I hit puberty, I have had the most oily, disgusting hair of all my family and friends. I'm sure there's a picture somewhere of me in the high school yearbook with my shiny face and long, stick-straight hair that could pass as wet.

There aren't enough words in the English vocabulary to emphasize how bad my hair is. The only term I can think of that comes close is "high maintenance."

Worst came to worst my junior year of high school when I stopped swimming competitively.

This completely threw off my oil glands. 16 hours per week, I was fully submerged in chlorine with a tight, latex swim cap pulling and breaking my fragile hair strands.

My hair was beyond repair. My oil glands started working triple time. It took my hormones a while to realize that I was no longer drying my hair out with chlorine and copper.

Junior year of high school was a haircare crime, to say the least.

Senior year, my scalp and sebaceous glands STILL had not figured it out. I tried scalp detoxes, DIY remedies, scalp exfoliants, everything. Even still, by the time I showed up to school, my hair was a tragedy to behold. I'm sure people were thinking, "Seriously, what is wrong with this girl? Does she not know any basic hygiene?"

Thank the lord I went to an all-girls high school. It would have been twice as embarrassing having boys comparing my disgusting hair to that of the girl across the room.

Once I got to college, I ditched the dry shampoo. I showered every morning before class. My acne began to clear up, I felt cleaner, and my hair was significantly better. I was using Nexxus Keratin Damage Repair shampoo and conditioner at the time. Additionally, I was not blow-drying my hair everyday. I was a "brush and go" type of gal my first semester.

Second semester, I transferred schools. The new location was humid, hot, and a nightmare for people like me. Or so I thought.

I had to switch up my hair routine to compensate for the new environment. This meant blow-drying every morning. When I didn't, my hair was damp all day. Thank you, Florida! (just kidding).

During quarantine, I got way more into hair products. All this new time practically forced me to pick up some new hobbies. One of those being haircare.

I switched to a vegan hair & skincare line known as MONAT. I was a little skeptical at first, especially after watching youtube reviews and reading reviews on the blog-o-sphere. So I took a leap of faith, knowing from my acne struggles that the less chemicals, the better. MONAT promised less chemicals. I intended to see if they fulfilled this promise.

Long story short: they did. My greasy, oily scalp went from disgusting to clean and voluminous. Here's what I use, and how I did it:

The Volumizing Revive Shampoo and Volumizing Revitalize Conditioner are perfect for the girl (or boy) with overactive sebaceous glands. I've never had my scalp so clean in my life from one wash! I used to have to wash my hair everyday. Now, thanks to these MONAT products, I wash it every other day!

This product is a MUST. Snarly, tangly hair or not, the nourishment provided by the Unknot Detangler is life-changing!!!

This product is a MUST! I've used other blow-dry creams and heat protectants, such as Garnier's, Pantene's, Lo'Real's, and many others. However, most if not all of those products contain hormone-inducing components. And worst of all, offer little to no heat protection. I know the Garnier blow-dry cream I used only offers up to 375 degrees fahrenheit. This will protect your hair up to 450!

And finally, after all of this has been done and applied, I blow-dry. My hair has never been this healthy in my life! The only cons about the Volumizing duo is that it is extremely clarifying, so it dries out your scalp and hair to provide a clean base for natural, sebaceous oil gland production. I would only use the shampoo and conditioner if you know your scalp is as disgusting as mine was.

All the peace,


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