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Should you wash your hair everyday?

If I had a penny for every time someone has said to me, "You just have to retrain your scalp", my entire year of 2021 co-pays at the pharmacy would be covered. And trust me, the co-pay on prescription drugs for autoimmune disorders isn't cheap.

My Hair Type:

Ever since the 6th grade, my scalp has been my own personal oil factory. My mother had clear skin growing up. My dad, did not. And so it seems that I inherited his genes.

My Hair History:

I quit swimming when I was 16 years old. The chlorine and copper from the pool made my hair feel like straw. Snarly, tangly, straw and split ends. I washed my hair every night after practice with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. The following morning, I would spray my greasy scalp with dry shampoo. I never once blow dried my hair during swim season. The outcome of that was frizzy, dry, dead straw.

After I quit, my oil glands went into overdrive. My body had gone from constantly producing oil to moisturize my dry, chlorinated scalp to constantly producing oil to moisturize my scalp. It took awhile for my hormones to realize this. Sometimes I think that they still haven’t.

What I Did Next:

Every time I went to the salon, I explained my oily predicament to my stylist. The first time she suggested I cut back on washing. I followed her advice for a year, and my oil glands were never “retrained.” The second and third time I asked, she simply told me everyone’s body is different. Everyone‘s sebaceous glands are different, so everyone has to cater to their needs differently. She told me that might mean washing my hair everyday to avoid oiliness. Ever since following this advice, I have not had a problem.

Everyone’s sebaceous glands are different. This might mean that you wash your hair once a week, every other day, or every day, depending on your needs.

My daily routine for oily hair:

  1. First things first, I never wash my hair at night. I don’t know what it is about wet hair and pillows, but when I wake up my hair is damp and limp.

  2. Shampoo. I wash my hair every morning, and this has made all the difference. If you use a clarifying or counter-balancing formula, I would recommend not blow-drying your hair after you shower. Even if you use conditioner and heat protectant. This WILL dry out your scalp, much more than the washing will.

  3. Conditioner. I always condition after shampooing. I try to use a hydrating conditioner. It’s only fair after washing out the naturally-produced oils.

  4. Detangler. Even if my hair isn’t super tangly when I step out of the shower, I use Detangler. I use the Unknot Detangler from MONAT. This detangler differs from others not only because it is vegan and SLS/SLES free, but because it has Rejuvenique oil that gently hydrates and penetrates the hair shaft for hair growth. It also contains a UV absorber. No color-fading for me!

  5. To Air-Dry Or To Blow-Dry? This is fully up to you. I try to air-dry as often as possible. The way I see it, women didn’t use blow-dryers on their hair until electricity was invented. I do like a nice blowout during the school year though!

The way I see it, when I’m healthy, I’m happy. I feel anxious and insecure when I’m visibly dirty and sloppy-looking. I use everything to my advantage to cope with anxiety. If reducing anxiety means taking steps towards healthy, clean-looking hair, I’m all for it.

All the Peace,


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