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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Monat Global has had some unpopular reviews in the past. To be honest, I was skeptical at first too. Getting a message in my Instagram dm inbox about vegan hair products??? I cringed.

Maybe you have gotten them too. Like me, you probably thought, "Aveda doesn't do this, they are a quality brand, and they make millions each year!" I couldn't wrap my head around the reliability of a company that relied on their employees to come to me via IG. Perhaps you can't either.

Let me clear the air for you.

What is Monat? And why do they hire college girls to market their products for them?

Monat Global is an all natural, family-based hair product company that started in Miami, Florida. I was first contacted by Monat in March of my senior year of high school. The woman was trying to recruit me as a market partner, but I cared very little for hair at the time. I've been blessed with fine, straight hair that looks presentable without a blow-dry, and voluminous, soft, and natural with a blow-dry. I've always been more into makeup and skincare anyways. So I politely declined.

My skin has always been horrible. It is incredibly acne-prone. I joke with my friends that I don't need highlighter on my foundation when I go out, because my skin will produce its own. Yah, its pretty bad...

Several months later, I moved in to my first dorm at college. My roommate was amazing and sweet. She used to do pageants in high school, and she took her hair very seriously. Everyday it was styled into something different and exotic. At the beginning, I would groan when I heard her hair dryer start whirring at 7am. But as the snow started to fall, and I pulled my typical "shower-and-go" principle, she stopped me before I went out the door.

"It's freezing outside!! You need a hat!"

I looked at her quizzically. She began to explain how bad it was for my hair, how it could freeze and fall off like an icicle, etc. I grabbed a hat from my closet, stuffed my wet hair up into it, and headed out the door to embrace the -16 degree weather of the Northern midwest.

I used to swim in middle and high school, so my hair became damaged to the point of no return. But as I sat in my college lectures, I started noticing how glossy and professional the girl's hair next to me was. I looked at my own hair- thick, frizzy at the ends, and damaged. Flat, but bulky with natural volume. Hers was flat and sleek. So I decided to figure out my hair. Makeup and skincare I had mastered, why not take on the scalp?

I began blowdrying, as my roommate told me to. Not everyday at first. But second semester it became a morning routine.

Then the pandemic happened. My summer job I had been working the past 3 years became unpredictable and inconsistent. And yet again, a Monat girl contacted me through my DMs. This time, I obliged. I'm a blogger, after all. Why not add some new content?

So I joined the Monat team, and was soon hired as a Market Partner. I ordered the hair products, because who trusts someone who is recommending products they've never tried????? Definitely not me.

I soon discovered that the hair products gave my hair amazing results. My hair is flat, and has pretty nice natural volume. But because my skin is oily, so is my scalp. Blow-drying doesn't lift my roots enough. The hair falling from my scalp looks almost glued to it, even when it is clean.

Monat's Volumizing Revive Shampoo lifted my roots and hair from my scalp. It also got rid

of all the gunk, oil, and product residue that had been building up on my scalp for who-knows-how-long. I noticed an immediate difference. It made my roots voluminous and clean, rather than limp and oily. I followed up with the Volumizing Revitalize Conditioner . The shampoo did a great job of stripping my hair and roots of excessive oils, and the conditioner was remedial to my midlengths and frizzy ends.

All of Monat's products are vegan, gluten-free, natural, and leaping-bunny approved. Similar to the popular brand Lush Cosmetics, the Monat Global mission statement includes a huge NO to animal testing. So if you are a lover of your furry friends, this is the perfect brand for you!

I will keep posting my reviews of Monat's products as I try them. Feel free to subscribe, and send me an email if you are interested in shopping their products! I can give you some sweet discounts that make these expensive, quality products affordable :)

All the peace,


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