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How I'm Maintaining An Income During A Pandemic

When COVID started, I knew my seasonal job wasn't going to be the same. In fact, It wasn't. In any way, shape, or form. For the entirety of May, I wasn't clocking in hours. Which means I wasn't maintaining my normal, summer-break income. On top of that, the Mayor forced all small businesses and shopping malls to close in the name of "slowing the spread." Doordash was the only company hiring, and as a young woman living in the city, that was out of the question.

And so the Netflix bingeing, hobbying, and sleeping-in until noon began. Until my friend Becca proposed an opportunity. The opportunity arose at the perfect time, with the perfect conditions:

  • Working from home.

  • Getting my first collaboration for my blog.

  • Working retail (a field I already have experience in. Thank you, American Eagle).

  • Designing my schedule.

  • Discounts for me and my customers.

  • A new group of friends who match my passion for the social media industry.

  • Getting paid to do all of this with commissions, bonuses, and paychecks.

As if all of this wasn't enough, it gave me the resumé I needed to pull multiple streams of income. How did I do this? I began to expand my personal brand: Purely Pastiche.

"But How Can I pull multiple streams of income, too?"

That's a good question.

The Influencer industry is competitive and conditional. Just because you have an Amazon prime account and a good instagram feed does not mean that Amazon's marketing team will crown you with the much-desired "Influencer" title. There's a reason Influencer positions are so popular: you get paid to BE you.

Amazon is what the blogger-Influencer community would call "the big leagues." In order to impress companies like Amazon, you and I are going to need more than a degree in English and aesthetic Instagram profile.

What you need:

Experience, knowledge, and online presence is how you become a big-time Influencer. One collaboration puts your name out there. You're no longer the girl with the good instagram feed- you are the girl who successfully draws clients to the company she's signed with. And that, my friend, is what will make the big leagues stare at your application a few ( potentially pivotal) moments longer. This is what Monat did for me.

How Monat expanded my personal brand:

I took a chance with Monat. When I started, all I knew was how to write a good blog post, create a flawless mask of makeup, put together a nice outfit, and talk. If there was such a thing as a verified conversationalist, you can bet your next collaboration that I'd have that blue checkmark by my handle. When applying for collaborations, there is no doubt that the combination of my blogger presence and Monat experience were the swing vote that resulted in a services agreement pdf addressed to my name.

One year ago, I applied for a brand ambassador/Influencer position and never heard back. After 3 months of working for Monat, I've gained 2 big name collaborations, and I gain more and more everyday. Including none other than HerCampus Campus Trendsetters.

This is how I've maintained financial stability during a global pandemic: by pulling multiple streams of income from multiple collaborations.

Collaborations=multiple streams of income.

and that, my friend, is how you make money in quarantine-college. Blogging, instagramming, reviewing, is so easy. Anyone can do it. You don't need to be a Media major to be good at this. You don't need to be a writer to be good at this- just use your instagram! Dollars are at your fingertips. Literally. Put in the time, the work, the effort, and the money will come. Not only the money, but also the gratification that you are the reason someone bought a product. Hi Trendsetter. Hello, Influencer!

All the peace,


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