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Campus Trendsetter: Grease OOTD

I don't think I'm the only one who's style improved drastically over quarantine.

Campus Trendsetter: Back-To-School Outfits

Not only my style, but my hair, skin, and mental health as well. As soon as I settled in on campus, I set out to do what I do best: shop.

The best part about the mall is that you aren't limited to one particular store or style. You can mix and match, compare, design, and reimagine. I needed- wait- wanted to get an outfit for each day of the first week of classes. My bank account was screaming at me to be sensible. But my wardrobe was shouting that I needed to expand.

One thing is for certain: I have wayyy too much pink and red in my closet. As I walked through the stores, I searched for some fitted, plain tops. I also wanted a flowy mini skirt. Of course, that's not all I got...

Altar'd State is one of my fav stores. They were having a buy one, get one 50% off for skirts. Obviously, I got two skirts. Outfits Tuesday and Friday (in the Tiktok above) display both of those skirts.

The outfit shown at the top of the page is what I'd like to name my "Grease Spinoff: Sandy in 2020" look. The entire outfit is from Altar'd State. Though their items are pricey, I (almost) always go for quality over quantity. Residence hall washing machines can be a nightmare for cheap, quickly-manufactured clothes. I understand the unbearable temptation towards Forever 21, H&M, Shein, Zaful and Romwe. But PLEASE learn from my collegiate spending experience! Quality isn't important in everything, but it is when it comes to the res hall laundry rooms.

My look consists of more than just Altar'd State. To get the voluminous, biker-hair look, I used 3 of my favorite hair products: Monat Studio One Air-Dry Cream, Dry Texturizing Spray, and Strong Flexi-hold Hairspray.

Oh, and don't forget the iridescent Nike Court Visions ;)

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