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Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Every morning, I eat breakfast, take a shower, brush my teeth, perform my skincare routine, get dressed, and sit down to start styling my hair. I wash my face and put in my contacts. I apply toner, my RX topical acne medication, and moisturizer. I walk over to my closet and put on an outfit. Yet by the time I get back to the mirror sitting on my vanity, my face is shining. Not just with a typical shine, but highlighter shine. Except I didn’t put on any highlighter.

Since finding proper skincare products has been an epic struggle for me, I feel it is important that I share my success. Good skin can inflate confidence. It definitely does for me. When I feel comfortable in my own skin, I feel much more secure in myself. For me, the absence of confidence sparks the presence of insecurity, and in turn, anxiety.

I can’t possibly be the only person. I decided to try several different products to find which worked best for me. To my surprise, a simple alteration in ingredients can make all the difference. I noticed this when I traveled for Memorial Day. Normally, I use Thayer’s Witch Hazel Original Toner. Since taking the entire bottle seemed impractical, I went to Target to find a travel-sized version of the product. Normally I’m not a fan of scented products- especially products I plan on applying to my face. To my dismay, the only travel-sized toner of this brand was enhanced with rose water. I cringed. This wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. Scented products have always led to breakouts, inflammation, build-up, and clogged pores for me. Yet my face was already in terrible condition. My acne was at full bloom. There wasn’t any way it could worsen.

I mentally prepared for my skin to rebel against the minor change in formula. Much to my surprise, it didn’t. Instead, my pores felt tighter and much cleaner. I expected more hydration from the rose water. Indeed, my skin felt more rejuvenated and hydrated, and I definitely got a more balanced surface layer for my RX to lay onto.

After using this, I apply my RX. It’s a prescribed antibacterial formula known as Clindagel or Clindamycin. It reduces inflammation, but sometimes makes my skin a little shiny as well. Then, I apply Mario Badescu’s Oil Free Moisturizer. Before I discovered MB’s moisturizer, I had experimented with several moisturizers. For years, I had been using Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer. Though it has a lightweight, gentle feel, it becomes greasy within minutes. It makes my face feel very slippery to the touch. I also tried Clean & Clear Dual Action Facial Moisturizer and got similar, if not worse, results.

Trial and error led me to the conclusion that drugstore brand moisturizers are not enough to keep my skin in excellent condition. Since I use Mario Badescu Drying Lotion every night and wake up to its visible success, I decided to try their moisturizer.

The Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer is much thicker in texture and feel than Neutrogena’s. In comparison to Neutrogena’s, the Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer is much stickier during and after application. Mario Badescu’s product led to fewer blemishes, acne, and inflammation despite the stickiness. It also did not have the undesirable effects of the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer. I noticed no negative change in the condition of my acne, and no positive change either.

Hopefully this works for you, too! Feel free to let me know if you find a better product. Skincare is extremely important, as our skin is always turning over and revealing the next layer. Poor skincare can lead to acne developing on the future layer, or other skin concerns. Everything I’ve tried has led me to believe these are the best for those with acne-related concerns!

All the peace,


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