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My New Years Picks from Prime Wardrobe

I'm always using Amazon prime. I love the convenience it provides me as a college student during the age of COVID. Sometimes it's just a lot of work to go to the store, breathe through a mask, wait in socially-distanced lines, and avoid certain aisles. There was a woman who was coughing in line behind me, and everyone within a radius of her was sending her the death glare. The poor woman explained that she had lung cancer, but it did no difference. Everyone in line looked like they were on the verge of combustion.

Clearly, some people (such as the individuals from the story above) need an alternative. It's not good for people to be that tense, and it's definitely not good for the people who can't control their situation (such as the woman who was coughing).

Amazon fashion was an emerging trend circa 2019. Now, it's been rebranded as "Shopper by Prime Wardrobe" or, to keep it short, "Prime Wardrobe." Shopper by Prime Wardrobe is frequented favorite for socialites of the world-wide-web. As well as HCM's Campus Trendsetters (a.k.a. yours truly)...

Want some new, cute, trendy clothes for this new year? I do.

IVAY from Amazon Fashion

Ivay is a super popular retailer on Amazon. You can find it in the Amazon fashion department, or by simply searching "Ivay" in the search bar. Here are a few of my favorite items for the new year. Some are Ivay, some are designed by other retailers! Camo leggings and a white cardigan are an absolute must for an overcast, cold-weather day.

Simply click on the image to shop what you like!

All the peace,


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